What is FS ACARS?

FSACARS is a software developed to emulate the real world ACARS system in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and in adition to use that information to create detailed pilot reports to VAs.

It is distributed in two versions. The first, available to all FS pilots, will have all features active and will serve as a flight analyser. The second version is for VA pilots. It will have all features included in the first version, and it can be used to automaticaly send pilot reports to the VAs and real-time flight information to the VA website and make it available so that all users can see it.

FSACARS already includes AIBridge!
FSACARS is compatible with Reality XP Garmin

What is ACARS anyway? (courtesy of ACARS Online Homepage)
ACARS ([A]ircraft [C]ommunication [A]ddressing and [R]eporting [S]ystem) is a digital data link system transmitted via VHF radio which allows airline flight operations departments to communicate with the various aircraft in their fleet.
This VHF digital transmission system, used by many civilian aircraft and business jets, can be likened to "email for airplanes," as the registration of each aircraft is it's unique address in the system developed by aeronautical radio giant ARINC (Aeronautical Radio, Inc.). Traffic is routed via ARINC computers to the proper company, relieving some of the necessity for routine voice communication with the company. With ACARS, such routine items as departure reports, arrival reports, passenger loads, fuel data, engine performance data, and much more, can be requested by the company and retrieved from the aircraft at automatic intervals. Before the advent of ACARS, flight crews had to use VHF to relay this data to their operations on the ground.

And how will this be used in FS?
You can use the flight data information, and analyse it. It will be something like a logbook, where you can not only see the flight time but also the time of each event. In adition, you will be able to send that data to your VA* replacing your regular flight report.

* Check PIREP System for VAs and see if you VA is using it.

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