(NEW from v3.4.0)

ACARS Messages
. FS ACARS Real Time
         - Check yours and others ACARS messages online
         - Send and Recieve private messages (ground stations and aircrafts)
     . Messages sent to FS ACARS Real Time:
         - Position Report (each 15 min)
         - Weather Request (connected to Internet)      
         - OUT Report
         - OFF Report
         - ON Report
         - IN Report
         - Comments

Aircraft Positioning
     . SDK available for developing your own airline's aircraft position table

Flight Plans Download
     . SDK available for developing your own airline's flight plan database

Plug-In Feature
     . You can now develop your own DLL plug-in. Contact us.

Flight Log
     . Pilot number
     . IATA flight number
     . Company ICAO code
     . Aircraft Registration
     . Route
     . Flight Level conforming with ICAO and Online standards
     . Departing Airport
     . Destination Airport
     . Alternate Airport
     . Callsign
     . Airplane type
     . Loaded Fuel
     . Online Flight information
     . Extra realism settings
     . Zero fuel Weight
     . Block off time
     . METARs
     . Take off weight
     . Take off time
     . Engine status at take off
     . Vr, V2
     . Take off winds and plane heading
     . Take off geographic position
     . Costum aircraft Flaps retraction/extend values
     . Landing gear operation
     . Top of climb detection and fuel weight
     . Autoposition every 15 minutes
         - Position, winds, heading, ground speed, altitude and fuel
     . Comments introduced during flight
     . Top of descend detections and fuel weight
     . Landing time
     . Landing geographic position
     . Touchdown analisys
         - Vertical Speed and Indicated Air Speed
     . Landing instantaneous winds
     . Automated METARs on arrival
     . Flight time
     . Block on time
     . Final fuel
     . Spent Fuel
     . Block to Block time
     . Flight length
     . Distance from TOD to Landing
     . Crash detection
     . Checksum to prevent log tampering
     . Indication of slew use
     . Indication of simulation rate use
     . COM 1 frequency

Flight Information
     . Altitude
     . Ground Speed
     . Indicated Air Speed
     . True Air Speed
     . Winds
     . Fuel On Board
     . Fuel Flow
     . Endurance
     . Heading

     . Weight
     . Flight Time
     . Flight Lenght

Flight Information when minimized on systray
     . Heading
     . Altitude
     . Ground Speed 

Pilot is able to
     . Set Hour and Minute to start FS
     . Set Date to start FS
     . Ask METARs during flight (connected to Internet)
     . Insert comments
     . Can load fuel in airplane
     . Minimize FS ACARS window to systray
     . Restart FS ACARS if FS has crashed, without losing data
     . Send the Log file to the Virtual Airline
     . Decide which events are to be inserted in the Log file
     . Select the Virtual Airline to fly for
     . Confirm the log closure

Extra Realism Settings
     . Disable slew and simulation rate aceleration
     . No pause
     . Crash detect
     . PIC in cockpit detection
     . Prevents fuel change during flight

General acceptance
     . Altitudes in FL, F and A format
     . Single engine aircraft
     . Multi engine aircraft
     . Multi fuel tank aircraft
     . Touch and Go's

     . Helicopter flights

Third Party Software Support
     . FS Build 2.2 Support
         - Export flight plan from FSBuild to FS ACARS with automatic fuel load
     . Servinfo Support
         - Get your flight plan via Servinfo (if flying online)
     . SquawkBox 3
         - Import flight plans from SB3

     . Panel Gauge
         - You can setup a gauge for your FS panel
     . Fully automated PIREP System for the general Virtual Airline
         - Systems available to the websites
             - PHP/MySQL
             - PHP/MSAccess
             - Email

             - Browser
         - INI file Wizard
     . Local MSAccess database
         - Your private logbook. All your flights in a single local database.
         - Accessible via Internet Explorer using Office XP web component
         - Saves Flight Information to CSV

Recieve METARs from
     . VATSIM
     . IVAO
     . NOAA
     . Active Sky Wxre 2004